School Wear

Totiusdal Handelshuis is a well-established school wear, corporate wear and sport wear clothing solutions provider.

Totiusdal Handelshuis currently provides school uniforms for 38 schools. It has become a brand name as competent, friendly and affordable school uniform supplier with exceptional service and friendly staff that will gladly meet all your school wear needs to the best of their ability.

Totiusdal Handelshuis does not only offer school uniform, but also a big variety of school bags, sports bags, school shoes, tekkies, sporting equipment and much more.

Corporate Wear

Totiusdal Handelshuis also provides corporate clothing. No matter how big or small, we can provide any company with clothing, from the Janitor to the CEO and everyone in between. We have the competence to brand clothing by methods such as embroidery, screen-printing, digital printing and flexing.
Totiusdal Handelshuis also offers sublimation services. We can use your design, or put you in the hands of our very own designer and she will satisfy all your custom needs.