Welcome To Totiusdal Handelshuis

Totiusdal Handelshuis is a family business that has been in the industry for over 32 years. During this period,
we have consistently expanded our client base toward our current huge footprint in the industry and has since
become one of the leading school uniform suppliers in Gauteng.

We also specialise in corporate wear, medical wear and team wear. We sell a wide variety of sport equipment and
training aids in our store that have earned a reputation for excellent service and undeniable quality.

We strongly believe in the following three principles: Quality products, Affordable price, Exceptional service

Our dedicated team will always go the extra mile and works hard to ensure that every order is honoured with
professionalism and according to the specifications of the client. We are known to effortlessly handle orders of all sizes.

We will keep looking for ways to improve our service and expand our knowledge in the industry to serve our customers
in the best way possible.