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What makes WEELIE so amazing?

  • Weelie has a sleek rolling suitcase design allows for smooth edges, comfortable handles and modern look with telescopically extendable handle toward a rear.
  • Weelie is manufactured with durable, long lasting material, waterproof and easy to clean.
  • Two large wheels facilitates easy carrying or rolling of the suitcase upstairs because the wheels engage the stairs first which allows the suitcase to roll up against a vertical side of each stair without the body scraping against the stair.
  • Weelie is easy maneuverable by kids and adults to pull over any terrain.
  • The telescopic reinforced handle comprises only three-parts which telescopically collapse yet provide enough strength to sustain heavy loads, like books.
  • Hidden compartments designed for mobile storage or wallets
  • Weelie has super capacity compartments to facilitate functionality; space required for books, stationary , lunch box and water bottles, hobby accessories and other
  • Dividers designed to keep bigger lunch box and water bottles upright.
  • No strap design frees carrying on shoulders
  • Space provided to attach name tag
  • Multiple playful and fun colours options for boys, girls and adults